Our ceremony is the only one where you can have best experience in Kyoto.
Feel it yourself.


We are the only one who can give you the best experience of Japanese tea in Kyoto.
Feel it yourself. ​

Learn Japanese traditional culture.

The history of tea in Japan is very long, and tea manners and culture are still passed down from generation to generation. Recently, we have received many requests to learn not only from Japanese but also from people overseas. Our goal is to help them learn about the culture and feel more like they are in Japan.




Shared plane Tea Ceremony

The Shared Tea Ceremony is a plan to experience a tea experience with other guests (up to 15 people). This plan allows you to enjoy the history of tea, its manners and etiquette, and tea sweets using a specific type of tea leaves.

Shared selectable plane Tea Ceremony

In the Selectable Tea Ceremony, you will have the opportunity to smell from a selection of leafs, taste a small amount of each, and learn how to make tea by choosing one of them. You will also learn about the history of tea, its manners and etiquette.​

Private Tea Ceremony​

Private tea ceremony is available only for customers who have made reservations in advance, and is a popular plan for those who feel uncomfortable in the presence of others and wish to experience it only with their family or partner. As with the selectable plan, you can choose your favorite tea leaves and learn about the history, etiquette, and manners in a relaxed environment. Photography is available upon request for an additional fee.

Location of our ceremony is perfect for people who is thinking to have a sightseeing after the ceremony. Our ceremony located near by Kiyomizudera temple.


Type of Tea

The most famous Japanese tea is “Matcha” but there is another type of tea in Japan and we also want you to know about those teas.